"Take from this world only to the measure of your needs, and forego that which exceedeth them. Observe equity in all your judgments, and transgress not the bounds of justice, nor be of them that stray from its path. "

– Baha'u'llah

Our planet is warming up and extreme floods, droughts, and heat waves are more powerful and are happening more often. People lose their homes, jobs, and eat less food. And poor people suffer the most! We need to understand what is happening now to because climate change is the biggest emergency facing humanity. Over the past decade, our carbon dioxide emissions have actually risen over 10% - this is not sustainable. 

You can help combat this issue through small changes to your daily life, by talking about this issue, consuming less and studying fields that might help you be of service to solve this problem - science and environmental studies, public policy, and environmental studies, and law, for example.

The Coalition for Rainforest Nations works to assist governments, communities and people to responsibly manage their rainforests.  Healthy rainforests are an important part of protecting against climate change. You can read more about their efforts and support them here.

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Download quotes and Writings around this topic that can be used for deepening and devotions.