"Strive earnestly, and put forth your greatest endeavor toward the accomplishment of this fellowship and the cementing of this bond of brotherhood between you."

– Abdu’l-Baha

We are all different and it makes the world a beautiful place that is fun and interesting to live.  But because of racism, our society is sick.  Racism means prejudice and discrimination against someone of a different race because of the belief that your race is better.  All people deserve to be safe and have the opportunity to thrive in the world.  But that is not the case right now.


It's important to educate yourself and read books about this issue so you can address racism and racial bias in your own heart and mind. You can find some great suggestions here.  Words aren't enough to make a difference. We all have to take actions that bring us closer to justice and unity.

You can help combat the issue of racism by talking to people and getting others' perspectives, especially people who are living a different reality than you.  The goal is to see color and recognize that diversity gives us strength and everyone deserves equal opportunities and safety.  You can fill out a journal sheet which will help you think about these things.


You might think about studying things at school that will help solve this problem - like law, social work, sociology, psychology, and education.

The Doonie Fund makes micro investments in Black women entrepreneurs. You can read more about their efforts and support them here.


Download quotes and Writings around this topic that can be used for deepening and devotions.


Download Journal Sheet: Race