"They who are possessed of riches, however, must have the utmost regard for the poor, for great is the honor destined by God for those poor who are steadfast in patience. By My Life! There is no honor, except what God may please to bestow, that can compare to this honor. Great is the blessedness awaiting the poor that endure patiently and conceal their sufferings, and well is it with the rich who bestow their riches on the needy and prefer them before themselves."

– Baha'u'llah

We want to live in a world that is ruled by justice and kindness and concern for others.  It does not seem right to us that so much of the world's wealth is controlled by only a few people while so many in the world struggle to feed their families and survive each day.  If money keeps you from seeing what is important in life - things like family, service, community, friendship, then it's better not to have it.  We should share the wealth we have because of a feeling of compassion in our society.  We should also work to end cycles of poverty through education and better access to food, water, and help with substance abuse.

You can help combat this issue of extreme wealth and poverty by giving what you can to others and studying things that might help you work to solve this problem - like law, social work, sociology, finance and education.

Kiva works to assist individuals to grow their businesses and become self-sufficient through microloans.  You can read more about their efforts and support them here.

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